WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Sheamus vs. Cesaro for the United States Championship


This Sunday, “The Swiss Superman” Cesaro will challenge Sheamus for the United States Championship, at WWE Night of Champions.

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These two men have been feuding on-and-off for a few months now. In fact, Cesaro challenged Sheamus for this very title in June at Payback, a match Sheamus won with a small package.

Both men shifted their attention for a couple of months, until a few weeks ago, when Cesaro refocused on the US title.

They both have similar power-based, European styles, which has made for some fun matches. The question is: who will come out on top in this one? Daily DDT staff members Rob Wolkenbrod, Stephen Ajamie, Brian Rzeppa, Luke Sicari, and Mike Smith have some thoughts.

Rob’s Take: The booking of the Sheamus-Cesaro feud has been bizarre. Cesaro hasn’t been built up to be an incredibly strong challenger and it has hurt their battle. Maybe that’s WWE’s way of signaling that he will take the belt from the Celtic Warrior, who’s run with the title has been less than perfect.

I would be kind of surprised if Cesaro won this because of how WWE has treated him this year. They’re clearly still somewhat high on Sheamus, and that will show on Sunday when he wins.

Rob’s Prediction: Sheamus

Stephen’s Take: This could be the match of the night. It feels like there is a good connection between these two guys, and I expect a great physical fight. Sheamus is a fairly recent title holder, so I can’t imagine that he loses at Night of Champions, and I could see Rusev coming after that title soon after disposing of Mark Henry, because I would love to see Rusev holding the US title, and some American has to take it off of him. Interesting enough to have the guys of international flavor in Sheamus and Cesaro duking it out over the US title.

Stephen’s Prediction: Sheamus

Brian’s Take: An interesting US title feud? I must be dreaming.

These two have faced off quite a few times in the past, but the addition of the US title into things has added just another level to their rivalry. I’ve really enjoyed the work that these two have done in the past few weeks and I’m hoping that this isn’t the last time that they face off. Generally, that means that the challenger will come out on top, but I could see some type of questionable finish that leads to Sheamus holding onto the belt but Cesaro still getting another crack at it at a later date.

Brian’s Prediction: Sheamus

Luke’s Take: The US title has finally been involved in a legitimate story line, after being irrelevant for months. Both superstars have been disappointing as of late, mainly due to poor booking, and will be looking to steal the show on Sunday.

After having some tremendous matches early this year, expect another awesome match from these two. Cesaro should be a future world champion in WWE and after a failed partnership with Paul Heyman, he desperately needs something to spring board his career again. Winning the US title from Sheamus will be the break Cesaro needs.

Luke’s Prediction: Cesaro

Mike’s Take: Cesaro is destined for bigger things. He’s waiting in the wings right now, and while I don’t think that Roman Reigns’ injury is enough to push Cesaro to the main event of WrestleMania 31, I do think it is enough to give him a win here.

A loss won’t hurt Sheamus, especially is Cesaro cheats to pull it out.

Mike’s Prediction: Cesaro

It was close, but our staff members took Sheamus, 3-2. Who do you think will walk out of NOC as champion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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