WWE Raw Preview: Night of Champions Aftermath

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Is Seth Rollins feuding with Dean Ambrose or John Cena?

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Last night, we saw Seth Rollins come down to the ring to address Roman Reigns not being able to compete due to the incarcerated hernia that he suffered. This lead to him having the referee ring the bell, count to ten and award the victory to Rollins. He would then initiate an open challenge to anyone from the locker room.

Enter Dean Ambrose.

The crowd roared as he made his highly anticipated return from his disappearance/actor gig that kept him out of action for a month. The two would brawl all around the arena, eventually leading to a group of security and officials, highlighted by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury (who both trended on Twitter last night), coming out to break up the fight and take Ambrose away. It was very reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin having to be forced out of the arena by security during his legendary feud with Vince McMahon.

Before this began, Rollins said during the promo that he was an “opportunist,” which would foreshadow what he would do later in the night.

John Cena was greatly weakening Brock Lesnar in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Out of nowhere, Rollins would enter the fray and bash Cena with his Money in the Bank briefcase. He would then Curb Stomp Lesnar, leaving him down and out on in the ring. Rollins would hurry over to the referee and hand in his briefcase to cash it in, only for Cena to interrupt before the bell ever rang. This would send him scurrying to the back, saving the cash-in for another night.

Both situations are sure to be addressed tonight. Maybe this will play out like the Cena-Bray Wyatt feud did earlier this year. Wyatt cost Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble, avoided him for a month, then came back at Elimination Chamber to cost him it again and set up a three month feud between the two. This could be the case again if Rollins waits around to interact with the leader of the Cenation until Hell in a Cell.

We’ll see, though. WWE could spin this in many different directions tonight. It will be interesting to see play out.

What are you looking forward to on Raw tonight?