Damien Mizdow Must Win Andre The Giant Battle Royal


The André the Giant Battle Royal became one superstar fuller during Monday’s edition of RAW, as Damien Mizdow rapped his participation in the event to the Miz. The man who this time last year was often caught imitating various personas and was on a lengthy losing streak has experienced a remarkable turn in fortunes. His time as the Miz’s stunt double earned rave reviews for his comedic performances and mimicking the A-List superstar. Mizdow’s popularity soared to heights he had previously never experienced, especially as the Miz began to become jealous of that fact.

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  • In recent months, their relationship has become incredibly fractious. Mizdow is no longer the stunt double of his partner, and has instead been relegated to the role of personal assistant. This has led to both superstars costing each other matches on several occasions, as Mizdow appears to be getting closer and closer to severing ties with his obnoxious employer once and for all. And, with both competing in the André the Giant Battle Royal, the grand stage of WrestleMania appears to be the ideal setting for Mizdow to step out on his own and soak in the adulation of success.

    Of course, there are a lot of stories and potential winners of the match due to the crowded nature of a Battle Royal. Ryback has been on a huge wave of momentum in his battles against the Authority, and should be considered a major threat. Speaking of the Authority, both Big Show and Kane should not be overlooked as potential winners due to their prominence over the years. AxelMania has developed a cult following. And there is of course the potential return of a fighting Irishman to consider, with vignettes hyping Sheamus.

    However, with regards to telling an effective story and the most rewarding pay-off this match could potentially have, Mizdow is the obvious choice to win the match. His popularity is rivaling some of the biggest stars on the roster currently, and he often gets the biggest pops of the evening. The imitation of the Miz’s move-set gets a lot of positive reaction, especially with the little additions he makes to it. But any other winner of the match would reduce the Battle Royal to something of a throwaway match. A victory for Mizdow makes it meaningful.

    Picture the scenario, the match is reduced to three or four participants, and Mizdow is able to take advantage of a couple of big name superstars brawling near the ropes to dump them out of the match. The final two are Miz and Mizdow, and the self-professed acting megastar orders his assistant to throw himself out of the match. Mizdow initially seems to go along with his boss’s orders, but spurred on by the crowd’s chanting, he returns to confront him in the middle of the ring. The Miz responds with a slap to the face, and some trash talking. This spurs Mizdow to beat his employer down, chucking him over the top rope and win the coveted trophy.


    This story effectively writes itself, and will offer the ultimate pay-off to a story that has been building since the summer. It will be a remarkable tale of resurrection for Damien Mizdow, who prior to this was jobbing out to Adam Rose and seemingly heading for the exit door at a break-neck pace. Now, he is one of the most naturally popular stars on the roster, and a victory in this event would lead into a feud with the Miz, and push him towards a potential run with a midcard championship. The creative team has a great opportunity to offer a launching pad for a superstar who has become popular on the back of his own charisma and humor.

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