WrestleMania 31: Five Unique Facts About The Event

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WrestleMania is without doubt the biggest event in professional wrestling. The manner in which it has blended the cream of the wrestling industry with immense production values and popular culture makes the event one of the most anticipated shows in any sport. With an established formula of celebrity guest spots, incredible staging, huge stadiums and captivating matches, WrestleMania stands head and shoulders above any other annual sporting spectacle outside of the Superbowl. But, outside of these aspects that have become standard fixtures in WrestleMania folklore, what makes the 31st edition of this PPV unique?

Every WrestleMania likes to set records and provide sights that haven’t been witnessed for years, or possibly never before seen. It is where legends return for their rare appearances and the main roster achieve goals that they could not accomplish on lesser cards. So, with that in mind, here are five unique aspects of this upcoming WrestleMania that will not only convince you to tune in, but will be something to hold as a badge of honor when you recall witnessing it. That you were there to see these special occurrences.