Could We See a Brock Lesnar Babyface Turn at WrestleMania 31?


Brock Lesnar made a huge splash in the wrestling/mixed martial arts world earlier this week by re-signing with WWE. Since Lesnar is staying put, are we on our way to seeing a new Beast Incarnate after WrestleMania 31 on Sunday night?

Back in 2002, Brock Lesnar was truly, “The Next Big Thing”.

In a span of eight months, Lesnar went from an unknown rookie with a loud-mouth agent (you know him as Paul Heyman), to a King of the Ring Tournament winner and eventually, the youngest WWE Champion in history.

During the Survivor Series pay-per-view in Lesnar’s rookie year, Heyman turned on Lesnar during the match and sided himself with Big Show during Lesnar’s defense of the WWE Championship.

The Big Show would go on to win the match, thanks to a Chokeslam on a steel chair Lesnar used on him prior to a massive F-5. Lesnar returned with a vengeance to cause havoc on Heyman and Show, causing Show to lose the WWE Championship a month later.

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  • Moving on to WrestleMania 31 this Sunday night, could we see a carbon copy of this in the main event between Brock Lesnar and this year’s Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns?

    Think about it: Reigns’ rise to the top hasn’t gone as planned for WWE, as the reactions in every city haven’t been what the brass was looking for when they made Reigns “the next face of the company”.

    Why not put arguably the best manager in the history of wrestling in his corner in an epic turn that could boost Reigns into a bigger draw than he is right now?

    WWE has options with Lesnar (and Heyman for that matter), and a babyface turn for the Beast Incarnate could be in the works for the current champion.

    -Lesnar retains on Sunday, Heyman turns on Lesnar and sides with Reigns, followed by a Seth Rollins cash-in to win the gold?

    -Lesnar retains the gold, Rollins decides to cash in with The Authority and now Reigns by his side, leaving Lesnar lifeless as Rollins wins the title?

    -Lesnar loses the title to Reigns, Reigns turns on the fans “who doubted him” and the feud continues with Brock as the face of the feud?

    -Hell, could we even see The Rock run in yet again on his cousin’s behalf and help him win the gold?

    The routes for this match can go in many different directions, but here’s the thing: Would WWE really put the title on a guy who nobody is buying into right now?

    Reigns walking out of Santa Clara as WWE Champion would probably cause a full-scale riot.

    The intrigue for Sunday night is at an all-time high and a huge reason is because, well, none of us have a clue what’s going to happen on Sunday night.

    There’s three men that could easily walk out of Santa Clara as WWE Champion and with Brock Lesnar re-signing for three more years of a softer schedule and giant paychecks, anything can happen.

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