WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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1. WrestleMania 3 – The Perfect Match

Even though he was soon to reach the heights of the company as WWE Champion, in the process becoming one of the WWE’s greatest stars either as a face or a heel, there is one match that everybody thinks of when Randy Savage is mentioned. It was his final contest as the Intercontinental Champion, as his amazing and long reign came to a fitting conclusion at WrestleMania 3 against Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. In the massive venue of the Pontiac Silverdome, they stole a show that featured the iconic Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant.

In an era where wrestling matches were often improvised and called during the actual contest, Savage and Steamboat made an effort to completely choreograph and create a spectacle never before seen. Nineteen two-counts were featured in a match full of suspense and drama, as technical wrestling was taken to a whole new level. Their battle at WrestleMania 3 has become the standard bearer and the inspiration for matches wrestlers look to create on the grandest stage of them all. At this Sunday’s event, when Savage enters the Hall of Fame, every wrestler will be desperate to emulate his epic contest, especially in the Intercontinental Ladder Match.

What are some of your favorite Macho Man Randy Savage moments? Do you agree with the rankings of his greatest moments? Is his match with Ricky Steamboat the greatest match in WrestleMania history? Leave your comments below.

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