WWE Payback 2015: What Role Will Kane Play?


Kane being in the middle of WWE Payback Fatal 4-Way match makes the match feel a little over crowded. What is there to gain in having Kane involved in the match? 

There are a lot more questions than answers right now on where this match could go and who does what in and after the match. Maybe that is a good thing that the WWE has the “Universe” guessing about what the next move is. However it also could be that the WWE itself doesn’t really know where it is going with everyone and everything in this match.

I think the only thing that is likely in this match is that Seth Rollins will be leaving WWE Payback still WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

With the questions that surround this match, the one that could be the most interesting is what is Kane’s place in this match really going to be?

The weeks leading up to the Payback pay-per-view have led the fans to believe that a Kane turn is imminent, but the WWE also made similar hints with Kane and Rollins at Money in the Bank last year and nothing came out of that.

It seems that this potential Kane turn has been a slow build coming, but I think it may finally be on its way. I think the WWE Universe has wanted a return of the “Big Red Machine” and maybe they will finally answer the fan’s wishes.

The fact that the WWE could be turning Kane face again to work a short program with Rollins will benefit him. Kane has elevated other wrestlers in the past and made them look good doing so. Kane has always been a reliable wrestler and can work with anyone well.

The best example I can think of is the feud Kane had with MVP. They had several matches including the Inferno Match that was actually a lot better than I think a lot expected. MVP came out of that story as a legit up and coming star in the WWE.

The way they are building up Rollins is pretty much standard for new young champions. If you remember back to when the Big Show won the WWE title at Survivor Series; they started him out against the Big Boss Man. Instead of locking him into a program against Triple H, the Rock, or the Undertaker where Show would be overshadowed, the WWE had a solid veteran who could teach Big Show how to handle the main event spot.

The WWE even did this with Daniel Bryan last year when he won the title. Instead of having him feud with Orton or Batista, the WWE moved Kane right into the main event picture and restarted the Team Hell No story.

Making the move with putting Kane back as a face and into a possible feud with Rollins in the short-term with Rollins I think will be good if the WWE does decide to do that. I just hope that if the WWE does decide to change Kane and move him away from the Authority that they do indeed bring back the mask and the “Big Red Machine” gimmick.

If the WWE does go through with turning Kane face, I wish they would wait to do it the next night on Raw instead of WWE Payback. There are already so many elements involved in the match that a turn by Kane will get lost or one of the other stars in the match will be overlooked.

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