John Cena is Unfairly Criticized by the WWE Universe


For the last 10 years, John Cena has been the face of the WWE and has been the headliner of all the major matches and events. He’s been considered the WWE’s main man in the company, but he’s proving how valuable he is to the WWE right now more so than ever before. 

No one can deny how much money John Cena has brought into the WWE and how he’s carried the company on his shoulders while the company was going through a transition period. The WWE was trying to figure out how to roll out the WWE Network and to usher in the “PG era” to a viewership that wasn’t too keen on a lack of edginess to their wrestling show.

The WWE needed someone that they could build this new kind of programing with and that was John Cena. Unfortunately for Cena, the crowd would take it out on him – and still does.

Then the WWE had two mega stars in the Rock and Brock Lesnar that were returning to the WWE and were going to be headline some major events. The WWE needed someone that would work with them and also sell tickets and pay per view buys – again the WWE leaned on John Cena.

Even through these times that the WWE has counted on John Cena to be their “guy” and all the times he’s come through for them and made the company better for it, it’s the role that the WWE has asked him to take on right now that is proving that he truly is the WWE’s money man.

The WWE is trying to build new stars and make these stars into legitimate stars that the company can rely on being headliners for years to come, so who better to have them work with than Cena. Putting the United States title on Cena has now made that belt mean something again.

The U.S. title used to be a big deal way back in the 80’s and 90’s with WCW; it was their Intercontinental title. Whoever held the U.S. title was considered the No.1 contender for the World Championship. Now that Cena has the title and his prestige along with it, the belt now means that whoever beat Cena for that title is a real draw for the company.

The other thing that Cena has done now is solidify the midcard spot in the company. With his matches against Bray Wyatt, Rusev, and Seth Rollins have set those three stars up for bigger things; it already paid off for Rollins. Yes, Rollins was already set up to eventually be the WWE Champion with his Money in the Bank victory, but was he really ready to take the role as the company’s champion before working a program with Cena? Maybe not, but even if he was, working with Cena could only help his credibility.

Like him or not, John Cena has done a lot of great things for the WWE and the WWE Universe. He’s put over many wrestlers and would probably put over more if allowed, and it looks like he’s about to do it here again at Elimination Chamber with Kevin Owens.

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