WWE vs. NXT: Who Would Win?


If all things were equal between the WWE and NXT; if they were two completely separate companies. WWE still owned by Vince McMahon and NXT owned by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and they had equal exposure, which brand would defeat the other?

There is no denying the overwhelming popularity and success that NXT has been able to garner over a very short period of time. You could make an excellent case that they are the second best brand in professional wrestling; making them really the best competition to the WWE.

Despite being owned by Vince McMahon and under the WWE umbrella, NXT is thriving on its own under the direction of Triple H.  So it makes you wonder if Triple H and Stephanie had the financial resources similar to what is being given to NXT, could they give the WWE a serious run for their money and be the only competition the WWE has had since the Monday Night wars vs. WCW.

Triple H being an extremely intelligent person and having finger on the pulse of wrestling fans has been able to bring in some of the biggest independent stars from around the world to NXT. With the signings of Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Neville, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe – it is hard to say which one was the biggest coup.

Samoa Joe was probably the biggest surprise out of them all, but Kevin Owens also was a big of a shocker. Owens doesn’t fit the typical WWE standard of what they look for in one of their superstars; that goes to show you Triple H doesn’t follow the same guide on how to find a star. Owens in his very short time in WWE has already made such an impact that he’s already considered a main draw.

Triple H has focused on what the majority of paying fans want and that is straight up wrestling. The reason we are all talking about WWE or NXT is because of wrestling, not sports entertainment. Vince McMahon and his minions like Kevin Dunn are typical “yes men” who only look at the Hollywood entertainment aspect of the business; how to put on a big time extravaganza. In that Vince McMahon has lost the wrestling fans view and what really draws them in.

Hopefully Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and any others who have tried to water down Raw and Smackdown keep their hands off the NXT product; it is truly the great alternative that wrestling fans have been looking for.

With all that NXT has done in such a short time, if all things were equal, I truly feel that NXT would steal away a lot of viewers and wrestlers from the WWE. Triple H has put the focus and the attention on the wrestlers, not so much the story. He’s allowing the wrestler to be themselves; that makes the product very organic and refreshing. Maybe I’m wrong, but if the two companies went head-to-head, NXT may not win, but they’d definitely take a giant bite out of the WWE’s bottom line.

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