WWE Match of the Week: Seth Rollins vs. Neville


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One week after losing the US Title Open Championship Seth Rollins came out to the ring all smiles because he broke John Cena’s nose. With all the momentum Rollins has challenged Cena to a winner take all Title vs Title match at SummerSlam.

Rollins also issued his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge for under 6’, under 200lbs weight class, to which Neville accepted. I must thank Rollins because what followed after was probably Neville’s best match on the main roster. Rollins and Neville tore the ring up with an edge of your seat ending.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Neville

Results: Seth Rollins defeats Neville via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

While being a heel limits Rollins’ move set, Neville should just always be going all-out. The people want to see him do insane moves, and nobody on WWE’s roster is better at doing breathtaking than Neville. The best part about matches with guys that are this skilled is that they also tell a great story.

Neville proved he belongs on the main roster, so he pulls out all the stops right away. Reverse hurricanrana’s, hurricanrana’s, cork screw dives off the top rope. Neville wrestled with a sense of urgency and had the champ beaten. Rollins was basically in survival mode.

He bit off a little more than he could chew with his open challenge, he is, at least in his own mind, the architect of The Shield. He’s smart, and he sees things that most wrestlers don’t.

When Neville hit the Red Arrow, he shifts his body a few inches closer to the ropes. Neville is a little over eager with his cover because he just hit the RED ARROW, a move few opponents have kicked out of.

He pulls Rollins’ legs up too far and they hook up in the ropes, causing the referee to stop his count. Neville loses his cool and argues for just a second too long, and when he goes for another Red Arrow, Rollins moves out-of-the-way, hit’s the Pedigree, and retains the title.

Sherron’s Note: The smug look of victory on Rollins face makes me love him as a heel. I love seeing athletic guys like Neville and Rollins tell amazing stories in the ring. I’ll also go on record saying although I loved HBK in his prime, there’s moves I’ve seen from Neville that I’m not even sure “The Heartbreak Kid” could pull off.

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