Five WWE Superstars Who Can Star in 80s Movie Reboots

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If Ronda Rousey can be in Roadhouse, why can’t these WWE Superstars and Divas star in their own 80s movies?

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With every passing day, we continue to learn that it is Ronda Rousey’s (and Donald Trump’s) world and we are just living in it. Whether she is revving up for her next fight, starring in her own biopic or accepting a date from one of our military, Rousey continues to prove that there is nothing she can’t do. The most recent news of her dominance came when it was revealed that she plans to star in an upcoming reboot of the 80s Patrick Swayze movie Roadhouse.

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Patrick Swayze’s superkicks and feathery hair were something to behold and we learned you don’t bring a gun to a foot fight. So while we will have to wait to see if Ronda does the 80s proud, let’s fantasy cast some current WWE Superstars and Divas in their own 80s reboots. So pick out a poorly color-coordinated outfit and fire up some new wave music, because new school is going old school.

Check out which WWE stars could be in an 80s movie reboot by clicking below.

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