WWE NXT Review: Results, Analysis, Grades; Bayley’s Homecoming

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Final Thoughts

Another week and another solid episode of NXT television. Some matches for NXT TakeOver were announced which is good since there are precious few weeks left until the next event.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are going to have a tall task trying to out do their performance in Brooklyn. After the show that they put on in their first title match though, these two represent the perfect two women to main event an NXT TakeOver broadcast. The Iron Man match stipulation will also be exciting as it’s the first one since 2009 and the first Women’s one in WWE history. These two will tear the house down on October the 7th.

The Tag Tournament continues to be one of the best parts of NXT programming. The Gargano and Ciampa vs. Rhyno & Corbin match was a stellar bout and the amount of heart the competitors are putting into their matches is making each one feel significant. Having the end of the tournament be at TakeOver will make it even more meaningful.

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