WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for 9/17

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Final Thoughts

A solid episode of SmackDown to set up Night of Champions. The main event was a good clash and the final word by Strowman and the Wyatt Family sets up their clash as a main-event level brawl for Sunday. The tension between Sheamus and Seth Rollins is interesting as it served as a small sample of a future feud for the champ. While it’s not something I’d want to see for a long time, but as a one or two month feud it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

The Bellabration was a disappointment for Nikki, but did really cement her as a heel instead of a face. Team PCB attending the party was fun to see, but I thought it would have been an in ring segment, not a backstage one.

The rest of the midcard was good aside from the Miz-Big Show backstage segment. It was confusing and didn’t really have a place on the show. A small gripe, but one none the less.

I’d mention that there were too many recaps, but that’s and weekly occurrence. One day it’ll be all wrestling. One day.

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