Predicting Five More ‘ZZ-Types’ WWE Could Sign

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Brady Olson (aka Deez Nuts)

He polled at 9% in North Carolina, 8% in Iowa and 8% in Minnesota. He has a built-in young, national audience and is all about shaking up the establishment. With WWE searching for its next CM Punk, sometimes you need to look outside the genre. And now that independent presidential candidate Deez Nuts was recently exposed as fifteen-year-old Brady Olson from Iowa, who is obviously too young to run from President, he needs to find another ride to take his fans on.

WWE has always been a fan of cross-promoting and bringing in new audiences. Deez Nuts carries that interest, clout and wish to be a symbol of change. Is he a minor? Yes. Would WWE find racist posts on his social media? Most likely. Would Full Sail love him? Not once they see him wrestle. But there is no reason WWE shouldn’t take a chance on Deez Nuts. At the very least he could be a more famous enhancement talent than Barry Horowitz. The fan signs, the merchandise and the public appearances would be otherworldly… much like this entire column.

So if there was one motivational message I could pass on to ZZ, it is not to take this opportunity for granted, or else there are maimed, fictional and corporate people ready to take your spot.

Evan Wecksell is a touring comedian from VH1, Conan and America’s Got Talent. And now that ZZ is signed, he regrets not auditioning for Tough Enough and only submitting his three-year-old Beckett Sage.

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