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1) The Undertaker vs. Mankind – WWF King of the Ring 1998

This is arguably the most famous Hell in a Cell match of all time and tops our list as the greatest bout of this kind.

Before Undertaker was even introduced, Mankind climbed to the top of the cell to begin this. Moments later, it turned into a war when ‘Taker met him at the top of it.

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Mankind took early control over Undertaker with chair shots but that’s about all he could get in.

“Good God almighty, that killed him! As God as my witness, he’s been broken in half!”

That was the famous call that Jim Ross made when Undertaker tossed Mankind off the top of the cell and through the announce table. Mankind slammed through the table like a rag doll and was seemingly done for the match. Doctors came out immediately to help him because this was no act of “selling.” Everyone thought this match was done and the cage even got raised with Undertaker on it (to get the stretcher around the structure). But some how, some way, Mankind continued.

Both men climbed back up the cage and moments later, Undertaker threw Foley through the cell, smashing into the ring.

Again, Foley somehow made his way up to his feet. If you watch this match, you can see iconic image of Mankind with his mouth full of blood and a tooth in his nose.

To cap things off, Foley broke out a bag of tacks but ended up getting slammed on his back on them. The pain that he was in must have been excruciating. How could someone handle that and still get back on their feet? Undertaker ended this with a devastating chokeslam on the tacks and a Tombstone Piledriver.

Nothing like this was ever seen on WWE TV and still hasn’t been since. This is with good reason, as Foley somehow finished this match despite getting bones broken, teeth shoved up his nose and tacks in his back. You won’t see a Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins doing this today.

This match was the most brutal one ever seen inside Hell in a Cell but it is well-worth watching to see one of the more iconic matches in WWE history.

What do you think is the greatest Hell in a Cell match of all-time? What was the worst of them all? Let us know below.

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