WWE Night of Champions 2015: Predictions

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sting

Prediction: Sting is doing something most of us thought we would never see — fight for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

The only person standing in his way is Seth Rollins, and there is no telling what shape he will be in after his match with John Cena.

Sting is fighting his second match with the WWE, after losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

Most were shocked when Sting was pinned by The Game, but they may be even more shocked when Sting falls to 0-2 in the WWE after losing to Rollins for the title.

It’s hard to imagine Sting losing his first two matches with the company, but Rollins can’t walk out of Night of Champions with no titles. I see Sting winning the match by disqualification with Rollins retaining the title.

Hey, it’s better than predicting Sting to win the championship and a Sheamus cash-in, right?

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