WWE RAW Preview: Post Night Of Champions Edition

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Ambrose, Reigns and Y2J

Last night, Chris Jericho returned as the partner to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as the three battled the Wyatt Family in a six man tag match. Jericho’s name was kept a big secret, as he wasn’t mentioned among the rumored names as the duo’s partner.

There was a key moment during the match, however, when Jericho tagged himself in. That moment was the turning point of the match, as Reigns and Ambrose were taken out and Jericho was by himself and was feasted on by Braun Strowman. The team was rolling, and Jericho’s tag seemed to be that from someone’s ego that got in the way.

Post match, the three were left in the ring by themselves and looks were exchanged. As Jericho left the ring, he bumped Ambrose leading some to believe that there is more in the works for Y2J.

Could he be feuding with Ambrose and Reigns? Was his return a one-off, or is there something long-term set up for Jericho?

Then there is the matter at hand with the Wyatts. The two haven’t destroyed each other yet, and while they are still around, they will want to kill each other. Are we paving the way for something at Hell in a Cell, or for something bigger at Survivor Series? Tonight should give us some bread crumbs about the direction these six men are headed.

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