Eric Bischoff’s Top 5 Moments as WWE Raw General Manager

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1) Eric Bischoff’s Debut on Raw

It’s impossible to leave off Eric Bischoff’s debut as Raw General Manager from this list. Bischoff may have been the first Raw GM but nobody saw this coming after all the years WCW battled with WWE.

During the episode of Raw, Booker T was being interviewed by Johnathon Coachman. It was a silly segment with Booker using his bad acting skills to talk about the nWo ending. Coachman even attempted the spinaroonie. Then we see the camera focus in on Booker’s stunned face like he just saw a ghost. It takes the crowd a second to realize before you hear the loud shock in their voices. Bischoff then enters the screen and says “Booker, so good to see you again” and walks away.

Absolutely stunning.

A little while later, we had Vince McMahon come out on stage and welcome Bischoff out as the new Raw GM. The two then shared an embrace that no one would have ever seen coming. These two bitter rivals throughout the late 90’s sharing the spotlight together was unthinkable.

Bischoff then spoke in the ring for about ten minutes talking how he was the only person to ever “take it” to McMahon. He explained all the names he signed away from WWE like Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and others. The former WCW executive producer also mentioned how he went live with Monday Nitro, his creation of the nWo, how he had Alundra Blayze throw the WWE Women’s Championship in the trash and how he made McMahon change the way he did TV.

The whole appearance was surreal and arguably goes down as one of the greatest Raw moments ever.

What was Eric Bischoff’s greatest moment as Raw GM? Let us know below.

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