Five More People WWE Security Should Tackle

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Kanye West

2009: “And the VMA for best female video goes to… Taylor Swift!” Cue Kanye West rushing the stage and yelling that “Beyoncé had the best video of all time!” Backlash begin! And well done for President Obama calling him a “jackass.”
2014: Kanye marries Kim Kardashian. They later make the sterilizing video Bound 2, which makes Showgirls look Oscar-worthy.

2015: “And the Grammy for Best Album goes to… Beck.”
Kanye again rushes the stage, spoofs himself, but then goes on a psychotic rant backstage.

Three strikes: take Kanye out! Even if Plan B is getting John Cena to go Kevin Federline on him.

True justice could have been served if the moment Kanye went rogue, WWE Security scurried to the stage, took down Kanye and received the well-deserved standing ovation.

So while Kanye expects to be on the 2020 Presidential ballot, expect WWE Security to be the first anti-security team, whose mission is to make Kanye unsafe. Sorry, Kanye, time to call Jay Z for protection, because you have 99 problems and they comprise WWE Security team [and the Internet].

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