5 Superstars Who Could Be the Next WWE United States Champion

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John Cena is the U.S. Champion again, but who will be next?

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Well, John Cena is once again the United States Champion. And while I am part of the group that thinks Cena’s gimmick has become a bit stale, I will admit that him having the U.S title is the best thing for WWE right now. The U.S. Open challenge is great (assuming it comes back of course), and having a guy like Cena hold a midcard belt gives it a lot of legitimacy.

But Cena holding the U.S title has always seemed to have two purposes. First, to elevate the title and make it seem like something superstars should strive to obtain, and second, to eventually drop the title to someone, elevating their careers in a way no one else could.

Now how is this going to occur? Well, there are a few ways. He could go through a face vs face title match, like he did many times during his previous reign as the champion. He could go the more traditional route by facing a heel who could use a good push. Or he could take part in a potentially huge angle with a returning superstar.

So let’s get down to it. Who will Cena drop the title to?

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