WWE RAW Preview: Seth Rollins Returns from Hell Edition

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The US Open Challenge

One of the better things that came out of John Cena’s previous United States Championship reign was the US Title Open Challenge. Each week, à la a TV title, Cena would come out and allow anyone in the back to challenge for the belt. It gave young guys without a real story at the moment to have some time on TV, and put on a good match with John Cena. For a long stretch of time, it was the only thing worth watching RAW for. It gave us Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. It gave us Cesaro.  This challenge was a stepping stone for the young guns of WWE.

Now that Cena has the belt back, and doesn’t have to worry about Rollins, the US Open Challenges can continue. While not confirmed yet, one can assume that they will make their return to RAW tonight with Cena putting the title on the line once again. Finding out who answers the challenge is always the best part, as the pop from that moment is normally one of the loudest on the night.

What could the WWE have in store for Cena’s first US Open Challenge since regaining that title? Could it be another debut, or is it another young guy on the roster looking to make an impact?

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