Predicting WWE’s Next Four Suspensions

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Following Hornswoggle’s first violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy, Comedian Evan Wecksell predicts the next four, potentially hilarious, suspensions.

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Shouldn’t every wrestling article start with a Poison video? Wrestlers are not the stereotypical muscle-laden, meatheads who bench more than their IQ. They comprise elite athletes of all shapes and sizes who serve as a heroes, role models and warriors. They are even a throwback to Greek mythology, a period when beings were infused with superpowers. However, just like the Bible featured “fallen angels,” WWE Superstars have from time to time lost their way.

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Most recently, Dylan Postl (aka wrestling dwarf Hornswoggle) fell from grace when he violated the WWE’s Wellness Policy and was suspended for 30 days. Despite not being currently featured in a storyline, Hornswoggle has been a part of the WWE roster for almost a decade.

With suspensions being one of the last vestiges of wrestling headlines that will always catch fans off guard, let’s predict the next four Superstars, or groups of Superstars, who will slip and fall, and let’s make the reason unnecessarily ridiculous.

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