Should Donald Trump Be Removed From the WWE Hall of Fame?


Should Donald Trump be kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame for endless insensitive remarks?

Did you ever have the feeling that presidential campaigns are just one long work? If you have listened to or glimpsed at the series of trending comments that come out of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s mouth, you think he’d be sabotaging himself so Hillary Clinton can strut into The White House in 2016.

Such comments from the 2013 WWE HOF inductee have included derogatory remarks towards Mexicans, Muslims, women and he most recently blamed the EPA for hurting his ability to fully wash his hair. If you want to get into the other insensitive specifics, you can watch The Daily Show, Conan, Fallon, CNN, Fox News, Facebook, Twitter ad infinitum on any given night.

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Here’s the question though:

Should all his banter mean his ouster from the WWE Hall of Fame?

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  • There could be a potential double standard brewing as earlier in the year Hulk Hogan was wiped from WWE online history for anti-black comments he made on a sex tape. According to Hogan, Triple H informed him that USA Network basically called for Hogan’s resignation. Trump is not the wrestling icon that Hogan is, but Hogan has been thoroughly apologetic. Trump is continuing to develop his kayfabe character with daily, juicy sound bytes to 24-hour news stations.

    Even though WWE can be political, wrestling and politics do not need to mix. Trump is ‘over there’ doing his thing while the WWE machine continues to chug along in their own universe. Trump is also a longtime friend of WWE Chairman, and fellow Republican, Vince McMahon. Would Trump’s exile for the sake of the politically-correct posturing be worth jeopardizing a longtime friendship?

    As we covered earlier today, there is an actual online petition over 6,000 signatures strong that wants Trump out as WWE Hall of Famer. However, is the petition worth the public’s genuine concern?

    Donald Trump is the kind of man who is going to do himself in no matter how much the media laps up his antics. While the campaign trail has been a fun outing for him, just like wives, every so often, the man needs to change things up. It seems that the longer he is in the race the more he is cutting a promo on the entire country. If pigs did fly and Trump pulled off the Election Day anti-miracle, it would be a foregone conclusion he would be the first President to be immediately impeached.

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    So what do you think? Should Donald Trump be kicked out of the Hall of Fame?