WWE WrestleMania 32: Why The Rock Should Have His Retirement Match at the Show


At WrestleMania 32, The Rock should be competing in his last match.

The Rock is a legend, an icon, undoubtedly a WWE Hall of Famer but it’s time for the Brahma Bull to hang the boots up.

It’s hard to think that the People’s Champ has been in and around the WWE for close to 20 years and while it doesn’t look like it, I’m sure his body has taken a beating in those 20 years. Hence, why he has moved into Hollywood, and doing less and fewer matches in the WWE. Well, add on that Rocky has a new baby girl in his life, making it possible that he decides to call it quits after his match with Triple H in a retirement match.

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Just here me out before the riots begin, The Rock doesn’t have much left to prove in the business. He’s been the WWE Champion, he’s beaten John Cena, he’s wrestled a half-dozen times since his return to WWE in 2011. Prior to that, he was as decorated of a wrestler than anyone else in his generation, so why should Rock continue to stick around?

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As noted, he is creeping up there in age (43 years old) and if he wants’s to continue doing action-adventure movies, TV shows, and raising his third child, is it that crazy to think he’ll step back from wrestling once again?

Now that’s not to rule out an appearance or two every now and again, but as far wrestling I believe that WrestleMania 32 should be the final time The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment should lace them up.

And what better opponent than Triple H? Aside from Stone Cold Steve Austin, who else has been The Rock’s biggest rival? The Game would be the perfect fit for not only nostalgic reasons but for storyline purposes, it’s about as seamless as it gets.

Let’s dive into how the build for a Triple H vs. The Rock program would work:

The start can allude back to the 15th Anniversary of SmackDown where Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and The Rock were all backstage reminiscing about their prior battles on SmackDown.

Even The Rock brings it up to Triple H about main eventing WrestleMania once again, now whether or not this was a coincidence or not it certainly can be a starting point for the program.

Now flashback to WrestleMania 31 with one of the most memorable segments in the past 10 years with once again Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and The Rock all in the ring but, this time, the two got physical.


So that is what we’ve had so far in terms of interaction between The Rock and Triple H, now here is where I could see them going in the next 3 months to conclude this 2-year program.

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  • At the Royal Rumble, WWE Champion Roman Reigns will undoubtedly be defending his WWE Championship, it really doesn’t matter against who it all matters what happens after the match. Just like the ending of the 2015 Royal Rumble, the ending of the 2016 Royal Rumble should end with Roman Reigns standing tall as The Rock comes down to show his support for his cousin when all of the sudden Triple H and the League of Nations take the two of them out. This allows for a Triple H-Roman Reigns program for WWE Fastlane, while Rock is “injured” when in reality, he is finishing his filming commitments.

    At WWE Fast Lane, Roman Reigns and Triple H are battling back and forth when out of nowhere the ref gets bumped down and the League of Nations comes out to beat up on Reigns. The Usos come and try to help Reigns, but the numbers get the best of them and the League of Nation is getting ready to place Triple H’s hand over Reigns to pick up the victory when out of now where The Rock comes storming down taking out the League of Nations. Finally, he drops Triple H with a Rock Bottom and puts Reigns hand over Triple H for the win.

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    With all of that, the match would be made for Triple H vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 32. The Retirement Stipulation could be introduced by Triple H saying that if he’s so confident that he can beat Triple H at WrestleMania put your career on the line. The Rock agrees, on the condition that members of the League of Nations and D-Generation X are banned from ringside, leaving for a pure one-on-one match with The People’s Champion and The King of Kings.

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    I’ve been a fan of The Rock since I was 9 years old, I’ve quoted so many of his catchphrases over the years so don’t be mistaken I don’t want to see The Rock leave. But I think just as it is The Undertaker, all signs are pointing towards him retiring after WrestleMania 32.