How WWE Can Have a Successful 2016


If the WWE wants to improve its image and strengthen the brand some drastic changes will have to be made.

For the WWE, the end of 2015 couldn’t come soon enough. Terrible ratings, multiple injuries and hostile crowds lurked like Dementors over the company for much of last year and it seemed as if no one had the answers. Fortunately for Vince, I’m here now. Below are several ways that WWE can find it’s footing and get back on track in 2016.

Take a Booking Lesson from NXT

Vince McMahon controls RAW and Triple H controls NXT. This power dynamic has been clear since Triple H confirmed as much during his visit to the Stone Cold Podcast back in Feb 2015. Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President of Television Production) are simply out of touch with what today’s audience expects and demands and the proof can be seen with every disappointing RAW we are subjected to week after week. They would do well to look at the consistent success (in ratings and fan approval) being enjoyed by NXT and find out what Triple H is able to do that they seemingly cannot.

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However, asking McMahon and Dunn to check their egos at the door is like asking Donald Trump to not use his hands when he talks. It’s a physical impossibility.

A Song of Ice and You’re Fired

Having to fire an employee can be an uncomfortable bit of business, but it is still business and can be handled professionally and with dignity. Or, you could just skim the WWE roster and be horrified that some of these people are still drawing a paycheck. The WWE has plenty of dead weight that needs to be let go so they can be free to ruin other wrestling promotions. In no particular order, the WWE should rid themselves of the following albatrosses.

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The World’s a Stage

Give your superstars some acting lessons, for the love of all that is holy. I love Roman Reigns as champion, mostly because it’s not Sheamus, but the man is awful on the mic and even worse when he’s trying to be charming and suave and corny. Yes, he has “the look” that Vince loves and his Samoan heritage doesn’t hurt either but when it comes to charisma, he’s just not that guy.

Reigns would fit perfectly into any of the films produced by WWE Studios but he has no business hamming it up this way on Monday nights. Taking an acting class should never be “above” any employee of the WWE and one simply has to look at other superstars like The Rock and Edge who used these lessons to carve out successful post-wrestling careers.

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  • Respect Your Divas, But…

    If you really want to “give Divas a chance” then first they have to start producing consistently better matches on RAW, which they don’t. Women wrestlers should not automatically get a pass simply because they’re women. Trish and Lita were given the opportunity to headline RAW in 2004 because they had earned it and they brought the house down with an incredible match.

    While a handful of Divas matches in NXT have been entertaining, the women of RAW have yet to produce anything close to headline worthy. Why not give them some match variety? Is there an unwritten rule that prohibits women from competing in ladder matches? If so, why? If not, then why haven’t we seen one yet? If you think such a match wouldn’t draw a good viewership then you probably also think that Nikki Bella is a good wrestler.

    Spoiler Alert

    Stop spoiling your own shows with Twitter reveals masked as shameless promotions. Remember when things would happen on television and the audience didn’t know beforehand? I know I’m dating myself a tad because I remember a time before the internet and before message boards with smarks ruining the results of pre-taped shows. But now the WWE seems to be doing their job for them by leaving nothing to chance and making huge reveals on Twitter or even at the top of the show. They aren’t confident enough in the product to simply allow these surprises to happen and believe that the only way to ensure people watch for 3 inhumane hours is if they are promised John Cena will appear.

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    Cancel the Slammy Awards. Just stop. This dumpster fire of an “awards” show is beyond idiotic and insults everyone who knows the online voting system is a complete sham.