How the Social Outcasts Can Be Successful in WWE


The newest stable of Heath Slater, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas might feel random, but the unpredictability of the Social Outcasts might be key to their success in WWE.

It felt random enough that Heath Slater – the definition of a modern-day jobber in WWE – would get the pinfall victory over Dolph Ziggler during Raw on Monday night. What followed in the post-match promo by Slater, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel could be defined with the same word.

From Rose yelling they the new stable that they are “unique flowers, ready to rise off into the stratosphere” to Axel talking about how the “chains are off;” we could finally have an interesting storyline for these four superstars. Granted, it isn’t necessarily new when you think about Slater starting the Three Man Band with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.

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With the Social Outcasts, we have four unique personalities who are being given time with the microphone time that each of them has wanted. That’s because as individuals, they have struggled to get enough fan interest to warrant more than being squashed by those on the mid-card or main event on Superstars.

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Considering that each of them has a unique persona, it is a little hard to accurately predict what the creative staff at WWE is planning for the long-term with these four residents of the lower part of the match card.

Let’s think about what a social outcast really is; which some might think about the kid who sits by himself at the cafeteria during lunch at school and might bring up something random about dinosaurs or aliens when all you wanted to know was where you could find a napkin.

That’s not to say the four superstars should act similar the weird kids from your high school yearbook voted most likely to eat bugs. But maybe the fact that you can’t predict what they are capable of saying or doing might be an advantage for the new group for some stars who have been looking for something to catch the interest of the WWE fans.

Randomness in the forms of goofy and energetic – maybe add a bit of obnoxiousness – could be what sets this stable apart from some of the other failed teams that Slater has tried to establish in the past few years since the end of Nexus and the Corre. If that combination didn’t entertain fans, then YouTube personalities like Pewdiepie wouldn’t have more than 15 billion subscribers on his channel.

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One superstar who sort of had a goofy character that was Perry Saturn in 2001 where he portrayed someone who may have had suffered one too many concussions and was best for often ending segments with “you’re welcome.” Fans really liked the random one-liners that came from nowhere, like how dogs eat applesauce to save the ozone layer.

That was a short-lived gimmick, but with what is trending – maybe what seems like a random stable booking might be the best thing for these four superstars who would have otherwise been on television used as much as styling gel for Donald Trump’s hair.