John Cena’s Injury Adds to WWE’s Growing List


With the news that John Cena faces up to six months out after sustaining a shoulder injury, we look at the mounting injury list that WWE now has.

It seems like the upper echelon of the WWE roster is now out injured. As many people have noted on social media every single person that walked out of WrestleMania 31 holding a title is currently injured. That is a massive blow to the company and sets the wheels in motion for a massively changing face of the company. When you look at the amount of talent currently missing you could say that they could easily form the majority of the major matches on any pay per view, let alone WrestleMania.

Let’s look at the list of men, and women, currently missing from WWE due to injury:

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John Cena: Without a doubt the biggest draw that WWE had for WreslteMania. After being away from the company for a couple of months to film a reality TV show, it’s only just over a week ago he made his return to WWE TV. Now expected to be out for between 4 and 6 months after having surgery on an as yet specified shoulder injury.

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Seth Rollins: The reigning WWE Champion at the time of his knee injury in November, he was forced to vacate the belt and that’s how we ended up with Roman Reigns as Champion and Sheamus as his challenger. Rollins’ injury happened on a house show in Dublin during a match with Kane and saw him damage his MCL, ACL and meniscus. The prognosis was for him to be out for between 6 and 9 months.

Randy Orton: Whilst already suffering from shoulder and neck problems, Orton apparently suffered a dislocated shoulder whilst taking out the trash at his home in late October. A bizarre way to suffer such an injury for sure, but a partially torn rotator cuff (amongst other things) will also see him miss between 4 and 6 months.

Cesaro: Another victim of the dreaded shoulder problems. Cesaro knew he had a problem for a couple of months but didn’t realise how serious it was until having an MRI scan. He continued to train and wrestle thinking he’d only got a small problem but found he’d torn a tendon and partially torn another. As with the other shoulder injury victims, he’s expecting to be out for between 4 and 6 months.

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  • Daniel Bryan: Bryan made his return from his previous injuries early in 2015. He wasn’t around for too long before concussion-related problems saw him out of action again. Apparently Bryan has had the all clear from his own doctors but doctors associated with WWE still refuse to clear him to return to action.  A time frame is unknown for his return, with WWE apparently reluctant to let him get back in the ring.

    Tyson Kidd: A man who fell victim to a move in the ring rather than anything else. Kidd was on the receiving end of a muscle buster from Samoa Joe during a Raw dark match and suffered a severe neck injury. Kidd himself announced he would be out for over a year, after having 16 staples, 4 screws and a rod inserted in his neck. An injury that was similar to the one that saw actor Christopher Reeve spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Kidd was lucky to not find himself a quadriplegic.

    Nikki Bella: Nikki spent the majority of 2015 as Divas Champion but when she lost it to Charlotte she announced she was taking time off to rehab neck injuries. Those injuries apparently include bulging disks that Nikki wants to rehab without the need for surgery. Her return will happen but a time frame is hard to guess.

    Sting: The Icon suffered a neck injury during his match with Seth Rollins after a corner powerbomb. It looks like he will need surgery at some point but has so far put it off. You have to think that the injury is an accumulation of years of bumps that was just brought to the fore with that move from Rollins. While he’s not a regular face on WWE TV you have to think he’d be a man that may have made a WrestleMania appearance.

    Hideo Itami: Whilst he’s an NXT guy, Hideo Itami is still a big star down in NXT. Way back in May he was supposed to face Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze in a triple threat match. He was shown in the car park having been attacked, as a way to write off the fact he’d sustained a legitimate shoulder injury. Early news was he’d suffered a serious shoulder injury and would be missing for between 6 and 8 months.

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    From that list, there are at least 6 men who could have been called upon to be in a high spot on the card. With them, all missing that gives the opportunity to others to make the step up and fill those spots. With the news that AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are set to come in imminently, they will fill a part of that void, but other men need to make the step up to replace the talent that is missing.

    The may be a tough time for the company on the injury front right now, but when they are all back the WWE will have one hell of a main event roster!