John Cena’s Injury Opens Door for Daniel Bryan’s WWE Return


With the shock news that John Cena will be out of action after shoulder surgery, is it time for Daniel Bryan to come back?

Fans have been buoyed by the recent rumours that WWE is set to sign AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows from NJPW. All of those men should come in and make a difference to ratings and ticket sales, they are some of the best talents in the world right now. But WWE has one man who fans would clamour to see already under contract to them, they just need to have a bit of a leap of faith.

When news broke of John Cena needing surgery on an injured shoulder, putting him out of action for between four and six months, WWE instantly needs another baby face to fill that void. That man is Daniel Bryan.

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Bryan has been out of action, suffering from concussion-related problems, since April of 2015. Bryan has been cleared by his own doctors for a return, but the medical experts that WWE have used still say he isn’t ready. Will they now change their minds now that WWE is desperate for as many big stars as possible to try to fill the WrestleMania card. WWE needs as many big names as they can muster to try to sell out the 100,000 seats in the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, in a few months time.

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John Cena is without a doubt the biggest star that WWE has right now. He draws numbers, the fans either love him or hate him but without fail he always gets a reaction. Without him on the card they may struggle to achieve their dream of the biggest Mania crowd ever. Bringing back Daniel Bryan could be the perfect way to boost the company a little and get the fans excited for the biggest card of the year.

Bryan is one of the most over stars that WWE has. Even now you will regularly hear his name chanted, as well as his “YES” chant at least once on every episode of Raw. With the Royal Rumble around the corner, and the ability to bring back stars without having to shoehorn them into a storyline, that is the perfect place for Bryan to make his comeback.

With the news that someone like Styles could very easily be a surprise entrant, throwing Bryan back into the match could be a master stroke. Fans will be less likely to expect it, therefore making it a bit more of a surprise. Bryan has spoken about the fact he knows he can still do it in the ring, WWE may now be forced to admit they may have been a little over-cautious with holding him back and finally give him the ok to return.

Bryan’s potential appearance in the Rumble would give the match a boost. With the match now being for the World Heavyweight Championship held by Roman Reigns, it would make sense to have as many former World Champions as possible in it. Bryan ticks that box and get a massive pop from the crowd.

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Putting him in the ring instantly opens up a lot of possibilities for new matches to be presented at WrestleMania. You could build a program with Bryan and Styles. You could hold on till Nakamura comes in and have an instant dream match to sell to the world at WrestleMania. Bryan could come back and renew his feud with The Wyatt Family. Or throw him in with Roman Reigns and finally turn Reigns heel against super face Bryan.

The possibilities for the Bearded Superstar are endless and you would probably be guaranteed that he’d smash it out of the park. With Cena gone for a while WWE is crying out for a massive baby face to top the card. They already have a man who can fill that spot. His name is Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon needs to bring him back to save WreslteMania.