Should Finn Balor Be Called Up Due to John Cena’s Injury?


With another big superstar on the shelf, is now the time for the WWE to pull the trigger on a Finn Balor call-up?

Randy Orton. Seth Rollins. Cesaro. Tyson Kidd. Nikki Bella. Sting. Daniel Bryan. Now add John Cena to the list of WWE superstars to hit the shelf with an injury. Big Match John will undergo shoulder surgery on Thursday, which will leave him off the WrestleMania 32 card.

This has left some fans concerned about the status of WrestleMania 32, and what the potential match card could look like. Losing Cena could allow the WWE to push some younger talent, making them stars at the Big Dance that is WrestleMania.

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One of those talent’s that could be in line for a push is Finn Balor. Many have already called for him to be called up from NXT, but this could change the game.

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Some of the best moments in WWE history have come from the WWE hitting the panic button and trying new things. It’s what brought us the Attitude Era. With WrestleMania just around the corner, and the WWE’s biggest draw on the shelf, new things may have to be done to put on a great show.

The key to a Balor call up is that the WWE has a plan for him. Creative cannot just “wing-it” and write Balor’s call-up on the fly. They need to have a plan as to how they want to debut him, how to get him over and how to keep him in the main event picture, where he belongs. Some officials have been concerned

While losing Cena is a huge loss, the timing could be good for Balor. The WWE is apparently talking to a number of talent from New Japan Pro Wrestling, including AJ Styles and Doc Gallows. When Balor was Prince Devitt in NJPW, he was the leader of the Bullet Club, which Gallows and Styles are a part of.

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WWE has started selling Balor Club shirts, awhile back, and people always wondered if Balor was going to form a faction of his own. Combine the need for new stars and Balor’s friends potentially coming to the WWE and there could be instant money. A Balor Club that has Styles, Gallows and Balor could be a huge money-maker. These guys are internet darlings, and Styles and Balor will both get over with the common, everyday fan.

If the WWE can pull the trigger on a Balor Club with Balor leading the way, then this could be the perfect time for Balor to be called up to the WWE. And he should bring his friends with him.