WWE: What They Could Learn from Marvel


The WWE has all of the right tools to be just as successful as Marvel Studios.  They simply don’t know how to use them properly.

Phase I of the Marvel Cinematic Universe experiment kicked off with the release of Iron Man in May 2008 which went on to gross over $582 million worldwide. Four years and four films later in May 2012, a fanboy-dream-come-true superhero mash-up film you might remember as The Avengers was released and went on to gross over $1.5 billion around the globe. Since 2012, we have been treated to six additional Marvel films (all grossing over $500 million worldwide and two grossing over $1 billion) and there are nine more films planned for release between May 2016 and May 2019.

Just like the Marvel universe, the WWE has plenty of heroes that we can cheer for if given proper direction.

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John Cena is Captain America

The unquestionable leader who never backs down from a fight when it’s necessary. An uncompromising good guy who always does the right thing, even if turning to the dark side would make his life immeasurably easier. His loyalty to truth and justice does have a price when it causes division amongst other members who believe that fighting fire with fire is sometimes too tame. Sometimes you need to bring a nuclear missile to a gun fight.

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Roman Reigns is Iron Man

A cocky, handsome and driven man who would rather smash through a wall than fly over it. His reliance on his own abilities and unique sense of morality is also his greatest weakness since he more often than not chooses to go it alone rather than play well with others.

The Social Outcasts are the Guardians of the Galaxy

Wait, who? That was what most people thought when they saw a movie trailer which included a talking raccoon and a sentient tree. Yet despite having no familiar character, GOTG grossed over $770 million, proving that character recognition sometimes takes a back seat to good storytelling, relatable archetypes and proper pacing.

Despite these accolades, a hero is worthless unless they are faced with an equally interesting villain. The WWE already has those as well.

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  • Vince McMahon/The Authority are Thanos/Loki

    An overlord who uses his limited appearances for maximum effect. His dirty work is handled by his underlings who can easily be influenced to carry out lower level bad guy stuff. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, but the threat is always present.

    Seth Rollins is Ultron

    The creation that was originally intended to bring peace and order to the world has now turned against it and taken power for himself. He makes allegiances that benefit him in the name of achieving his own nefarious goals and even manages to persuade others to join him along the way, even though they eventually realize the error in doing so.

    The League of Nations are The Chitauri

    The hapless and forgettable lackeys whom no one really likes nor did they ask for. While they occasionally enjoy small victories over the heroes, they are always short-lived and exist simply to give the good guys a hard time during their pursuit of bigger fish.

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    The box office domination being enjoyed by Marvel Studios would have been unthinkable prior to 2008 but they had two things: faith in the product and a plan. The WWE needs the same and while it may not have the benefit of elaborate special effects, bankable movie stars, or Disney-like intimidation tactics it does have the same vision and drive to create successful and entertaining theatre.

    The biggest difficulty will be keeping all of this a secret from HYDRA (TNA).