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The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension

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Results: The Dudley Boyz defeat the Ascension via pinfall.

Ratings: 3.0 out of 5 stars

The match starts off with Viktor and Bubba Ray in a tie up, with Bubba getting the early advantage running Viktor into the corner. Viktor then quickly hits Bubba with an uppercut to stun Bubba Ray, and then hits him with a clothesline and punches in the corner.

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Viktor looked to Irish whip Bubba Ray into the corner but countered by hitting Viktor with a back suplex.

Bubba Ray then put Viktor into an armbar before whipping him into the corner. After a brief distraction from D-von as Bubba Ray caught Viktor with a big boot before tagging in D-von. D-von then quickly went for the near fall attempt.

After the near fall attempt, Viktor stunned D-von with a quick jab, but not before D-von hit Viktor with a spinning elbow for the near fall.

Viktor gained the momentum back by running D-von into the corner, gaining the advantage with the help of Konnor, before hitting D-von with an STO before tagging in Konnor.

Now with Konnor in the ring, Konnor quickly hit D-von with a flapjack for the quick near pin fall attempt.

Following the near fall attempt, Konnor gets the momentum going by hitting D-von with a clothesline followed by an elbow drop for the near fall.

Following the near fall, D-von countered a charging Konnor, landing Konnor into the ring post shoulder first, as D-von looked to get to Bubba Ray for the tag.

Following the tag, Bubba Ray gained momentum back for the Dudley Boyz connecting with a pair of clotheslines before hitting Konnor with a big corner splash, followed by a side slam.

Following interference from Viktor, Bubba Ray hit Viktor with the bionic elbow followed by another side slam, and quickly tagged in D-von for the Wassssup?

With the legal man, Konnor, back in the ring, the Dudley Boyz hit Konnor with the Dudley Death Drop for the pinfall victory.

Todd’s Notes: The Ascension, though in a loss, had strong momentum throughout the match. The in-ring experience, though, gave the Dudley Boyz the advantage in the match, taking advantage after Konnor landed shoulder first into the ring post.

Jack Swagger versus Tyler Breeze

Results: Jack Swagger defeated Tyler Breeze via submission (Patriot Lock)

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5

The match started off in a tie up, with Swagger gaining the early advantage with a suplex. Swagger went for another suplex, but Breeze countered with an elbow to the face of Swagger.

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  • Swagger quickly followed up by tossing Breeze and connecting with a clothesline, tossing Breeze over the top rope.

    Once back in the ring, Swagger connected on Breeze with a shoulder tackle for the near fall.

    Swagger followed up the near fall attempts by connecting with multiple turnbuckle thrusts, but Breeze follows up with a pair of kicks to Swagger’s left knee heading into the break.

    Coming back from the break, Breeze continued to work on the left knee of Swagger, connecting with an elbow drop and a single-legged Boston crab.

    After Swagger powered out, Swagger attempted the Patriot Lock, but then connected with a shoulder tackle on Breeze for the near fall.

    Breeze then attempted to hit Swagger with the Unprettier but landed a drop kick for the near fall attempt.

    Breeze followed with the quick momentum, countering out off a Swagger Bomb. But with one final burst, Swagger connected with another Swagger Bomb attempt and forced a submission win with the Patriot Lock.

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    Todd’s Notes: Swagger had the advantage throughout, minus a few small bursts by Breeze. Breeze lost any attempt at early momentum by laying across the top ropes, which Swagger did not take too kindly.

    The show closes out with the Social Outcasts announcing that they are going to make history next Sunday at the Royal Rumble.