WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 3 Reasons Why the Battle Royal Match was Great

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2) Kevin Owens was a major player

Kevin Owens since arriving in WWE has seemed to have feuded with everyone. He can have several feuds going on just because he is such a troll to the other wrestlers. That came back to haunt him more than a few times in the Royal Rumble. The WWE may have billed the match as One vs All with Roman Reigns being the one; but they may have also meant that for Kevin Owens.

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The PPV was opened by the likes of Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. They battled in one hell of brawl for the Intercontinental Championship. They beat each other up, it did not feel like your typical PG watered down Last Man Standing Match. After being hit with multiple objects, Kevin Owens took probably the biggest bump of the night with this amazing spot.

Owens did a great job selling his injuries while entering the Royal Rumble match.

After battling AJ Styles with ferocious punches, Dean Ambrose came out at number 19. The two then went at it, slugging it out because thier previous match wasn’t good enough for either of them. To make matters worse, Owens then saw the return of his nemsis Sami Zayn.

You can tell by KO’s reaction that he was nowhere near happy to see his former best friend. They also exchanged blows, as it became quite comical at this point in the match to see the continuous fights Owens had to pursue. Zayn was able to exact revenge on KO by eliminating him from the match.

Between Owens eliminating the hottest free agent signing in wrestling AJ Styles, and his continuous battles, KO sure did a great job in the Royal Rumble match. There is also the hope that WWE uses his Royal Rumble performance to give him a great opponent at WrestleMania 32.

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