WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 3 Reasons Why the Battle Royal Match was Great

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3) The Miz trolls everyone

The Miz always gets a reaction. He is one of WWE’s most in your face wrestlers, and you can tell that he enjoys doing it. He was not considered a favorite to win the match by anyone; but that didn’t matter. Whether you love him or hate him, he does a good job at getting the audience to notice him and him only. When the buzzer goes off for the next entrant of the Royal Rumble match, the SuperStars will do their entrance, but also head right into the match. That is not how the Miz rolls however ladies and gentlemen.

Instead he decided that he would be better served for commentary purposes. It was a hilarious move, and one that shouldn’t come to much surprise by anyone who knows the Miz character. It did throw me through a loop for a second, because of the anticipation that he would simply enter the ring like everyone else. He traded barbs with fellow announcers Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. Cole and Saxton berated The Miz by saying that he was afraid of Brock Lesnar. The Miz countered with saying that this was just good strategy on his part.

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Unfortunately for The Miz, he was eliminated from the match. This is something that more SuperStars, heels especially, should do more often in the Royal Rumble match. It plays well to the characters who want always win the easy way. Small things like that can go a really long way.

So those were my 3 reasons why the Royal Rumble match ruled. There are still plenty of other things in that match that were great as well. Tell me in the comments below of what you thought were the best parts of the match.