WWE Rumors: John Cena to Turn Heel Upon Return?


John Cena is beginning his rehab after shoulder surgery.  Is the WWE planning on Cena turning heel with his post-WrestleMania return?

Forbes.com is reporting that WWE creative is considering a John Cena heel turn after he returns from his latest injury.  The hope from WWE is that even though his character will turn heel that he will stay popular enough to maintain his popularity in terms of merchandising and other corporate appearances.

John Cena is currently rehabbing from shoulder surgery that will keep him out of action at least until after WrestleMania.  It has been weeks since he has been on WWE television when he appeared on the first SmackDown of 2016 on the USA Network.  For a while now he has received mixed reactions from the crowds depending on the city he was in which led many fans to hope that a Hulk Hogan like turn would have been in the making.  However, the merchandise sales and his work with Make-A-Wish have probably left WWE reluctant to take such a risky move.

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However, the landscape in WWE has changed since the beginning of the year.  Dean Ambrose is clearly over as a top face, Roman Reigns has finally been accepted as a face for the most part, and Brock Lesnar as a special attraction is clearly over with the fans.  If anything, there is a new need for a strong heel.  While they are teasing either an Ambrose or Roman Reigns turn at Fastlane, I don’t think it would be a wise move until after WrestleMania if they aren’t going to face each other.  Upon his return, the timing couldn’t be any better for a turn.

Turning Cena heel would create a number of new story line opportunities especially if he regained the edginess he had at the beginning of his career.  Creatively WWE could mimic the Hogan turn and have Cena appear to be helping someone like Dean Ambrose but then turn on them instead.  Another option would be for Cena to embrace those that boo him and cut a promo on the fans without a surprise turn.

My preference would be for any heel turn to first involve attacking a popular face.  In this case, I think the obvious choice would be Dean Ambrose based on where everyone is today.  When John Cena returns he is likely to get a huge ovation much like Triple H did at the Royal Rumble.  However, that would be the perfect time for a heel turn as the fans in the arena would be livid.

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In order for this to work, though, WWE needs a super strong face and to keep Cena a cool enough of character to where fans would still see him as an attraction.  It would be a super risky move and one they have thus far not been willing to do.  However, the payoff and matches could be huge if this plays out.  First, we need to see when Cena will be able to return from injury.  Hopefully, it won’t be long.