WWE Fastlane 2016: Possible Chris Jericho-AJ Styles Match Should Feature The Miz


The Miz should be featured in a match with AJ Styles and Chris Jericho at WWE Fastlane.

AJ Styles has been disrespected by his new co-workers on screen ever since he made his WWE debut. Chris Jericho has been very passive aggressive towards him in every interaction they’ve had. Styles has beaten Y2J once already, and Jericho shook Styles’ hand but was not so sportsmanlike about it.

The two are set to face off on this week’s SmackDown. You’re probably thinking “Why would Miz need to be involved if Styles and Jericho have a rubber match at Fastlane?” Well, The Miz has also belittled “The Phenomenal One” and had a match with him as well.

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The Miz on on his talk show MIZ TV would not let Styles talk, and downplayed him to be a rookie indie wrestler who just made it to the big time. Styles got a win over The Miz on Smackdown last week with his Calf Crusher submission. Styles also knocked out a couple of The Miz’s? teeth in the match. This awesome promo was cut after the match.

On this weeks RAW, Chris Jericho was the guest on Miz TV. In typical Y2J fashion, he completely stopped the show, and had the Highlight Reel set be installed in front of The Miz. Miz was obviously upset that his show was just tarnished. They both berated each other over their loses to AJ Styles, and Miz could not get over that his show was transformed into the Highlight Reel. AJ Styles would then come out to confront the men, The Miz sneak attacked Jericho while he was distracted. All three men eventually got involved in a brawl.

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All the seeds have been planted to have The Miz added to the most likely thought out Jericho vs. Styles match at WWE Fastlane. Whether this was the plan all along is just speculation, but since these events have happened it only makes sense to have a Triple Threat match. The IWC seems to be very divided on The Miz in ring abilities, but personally, he is good in my eyes. He also adds another adversary for Styles to try and conquer in the match. The fact that WWE is calling Styles a rookie is insulting, but it is working in the story they’re trying to tell. Having two of the most outspoken wrestlers in WWE history was definitely the right call by the creative staff.

Plus it gives us the chance to see some weapons be involved since Triple Threats are No DQ. WWE does tend to forget that rule, but you never what could be in store. While many fans want to see AJ Styles display his flashy moveset; adding in weapons would give even more excitement to the match. Especially if Styles get’s the upper hand on both Miz and Jericho. Both of them can introduce a weapon of choice to try and gain the advancatge. It is a simple heel tactic that can work wonders for the match.

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So do you guys want to a Triple Threat match? Or have Jericho and Styles go one on one again? Let me know in the comments below.