WWE Fastlane 2016: Dean Ambrose Must Win the Main Event


With a number of injuries and the predictable booking, Dean Ambrose must win at Fastlane, to change WWE’s lackluster product.

Ever since the ending of the Royal Rumble, the main consensus among fans is that the main event of WrestleMania would be Triple H vs. Roman Reigns. Since that time, though, as much as WWE has tried to make Reigns the hero he is still constantly being booed and is still not over with a huge portion of the fans.

If WWE was to continue with their current plan of having Triple H vs. Reigns it would certainly both anger the fans and could be considered the worse main event at WrestleMania since Undertaker and Psycho Sid at WrestleMania 13. With the roster extremely thin due to injuries going into this WrestleMania, the last thing WWE should want to do is frustrate their fans with the main event. The best way to rectify this would be to have Dean Ambrose winning the main event at Fastlane this Sunday.

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For the last month, Ambrose has been the best part of this angle involving Reigns, Lesnar and himself. He has showed guts not backing down to Lesnar multiple times this month, and now with him losing the Intercontinental Championship on Monday, he has nothing to lose but to go all in at Fastlane.

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WWE has tried to ignore the fact that Ambrose is in the match. This was especially true on Monday when Paul Heyman cut a promo with Reigns and completely leaving Ambrose out of the mix. However, that could build as a major as to why Ambrose will win on Sunday. The constant hype that either Lesnar or Reigns will go on to main event WrestleMania and then out of nowhere the underdog shocks the masses and pulls off the huge win.

WWE teased a potential Ambrose and Triple H match when they ended up being in the final two of the Royal Rumble this year, with Triple H eliminating Ambrose to win the event. Ambrose winning the match at Fastlane could also create three huge matches for WrestleMania.The first would be Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt.

The belief is that Lesnar and Wyatt are pretty much a lock for WrestleMania. During the match, you could have Wyatt come down attack Lesnar and cost him the match, and begin their build for WrestleMania. The next would be Reigns vs. Undertaker. With Reigns losing the match you can turn him heel, attacking Ambrose for beating him and costing him his main event spot at WrestleMania. With Reigns finally as a heel, he challenges the face of WWE for the last 25 years and tries to cost the Deadman his second lost and WrestleMania.

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Anyway you look at it, Ambrose winning at Fastlane makes the most sense. You get an original main event and develop two other strong matches for WrestleMania in the process. With a limited roster this year, Dean Ambrose vs. Triple H at WrestleMania is not only the smartest main event but it will also end up being the best overall choice.