WWE Power Rankings: Mar. 2; Triple H’s Game Has Just Begun

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Who are this week’s movers and shakers in the Daily DDT WWE Power Rankings?

After what was a fantastic Monday Night Raw last week, many people are taking issue with the lack of movement coming out of this week’s episode.

By no means was last week’s episode the greatest of all time or anything close, but the night after a pay-per-view, we had the return of Shane McMahon—who hadn’t been seen on WWE programming in over seven years—as well as Triple H delivering a purely savage beating to Roman Reigns to close the show. Those were some exhilarating moments that are hard to top.

This week gave us… well… There were things.

Undertaker was on the show, and he said a few words. That was a thing.

More from Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose challenged Triple H for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and later experienced the brutality of the Game first hand. That was another thing.

So, yes, this week’s episode of Raw was scant, to say the least, but the WWE was due for a stinker given that there are still four weeks left until WrestleMania. Spells of idling are bound to happen.

But even in those draughts of motion, there are ways for Superstars to change their standings in the WWE Power Rankings. Putting on good matches is a surefire way to do so—and Raw is not the WWE’s sole venue for those contests either (obligatory SmackDown plug).

This week, even if it didn’t seem like there was any movement on WWE programming, there actually was—although often it was minuscule. Continue on to the Daily DDT WWE Power Rankings to see how your favorite Superstars fared.

Note: Daily DDT WWE Power Rankings take into account everything from WWE programming from the past week: Storylines, match quality, championships, and wins and losses are all in play. Performances tracked are based off Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and other weekly specials, excluding NXT. To be included on this list, a Superstar must be listed on the current WWE.com Superstars roster.

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