WWE Power Rankings: Mar. 2; Triple H’s Game Has Just Begun

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1. Triple H

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Week Highlights: Continued his reign of terror.

In the 2000s, Triple H built a reputation among fans of being way too involved in the world title picture and “burying” wrestlers who deserved bigger and better things in the WWE. Whether or not that’s true will forever be up for debate, but it’s undeniable—especially when he’s juxtaposed against the current roster—that the Game is a championship-caliber Superstar through and through.

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Everything he does—from mic work to in-ring ability to the way he can manipulate a crowd—is top-notch, and seeing him with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around his waist is a long-overdue reminder that Triple H is the product of a generation where you had to be one of the best in the world to remain relevant.

The prophecy is that the Game will drop the belt to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, but if Roman wants to be a believable champion, he desperately needs to step up his game (no pun intended) to measure up with one of WWE’s all-time greats. Right now Reigns has plenty of work to be done, and in the meantime the Game is throwing his weight around like he owns the place.

And why not? For all intents and purposes, he does.

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