Finn Balor Renames His ‘Bloody Sunday’ Finisher


Finn Balor’s finisher has been given a WWE-friendly name.

For his first year in NXT, Finn Balor used Coup de Grace as his finisher move. It’s a double foot stomp off the top rope that connects to the mid-section of the opponent. It’s a nice move but never had that “devastating finishing feel” like his Bloody Sunday move in Japan. This lifting single underhook DDT.

Well, over the past two months, the Demon has been using his old NJPW finishing move on his opponents. Apollo Crews was the first victim of the move, followed by Neville and Rich Swann.

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The only thing is a name was never said for it on NXT, probably due to how it wasn’t suitable for PG WWE.

The question has been solved, though, as Balor took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal the new name.

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1916 certainly works, and it’s neat that there is meaning behind the name. Finn has done this with his in-ring name and other parts of his character during his time in NXT.

With Balor using 1916 and his friends Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows on their way to NXT, maybe this is a sign of the Bulletproof Balor Club coming to form. This could represent a heel turn for the NXT Champion as well if that decision is made. Added aggression has been seen lately too.

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So can you get behind the new name of Finn Balor’s finishing move?