How WWE is Revitalizing the Tag Team Division


How WWE is revitalizing the tag team division with the latest arrivals to the main roster.

WWE’s tag team division has historically traveled a rocky road. There, of course, have been some high times, when there are multiple talented and engaging teams vying for the top prize. Unfortunately, the priority almost always shifts back to singles competition and the tag team storylines suffer because of it.

For the months leading up to WrestleMania, the division seemed to be in such a lull, with only The New Day keeping it alive on charisma and humor alone. The Tag Team Championship wasn’t even on the line at the grandest stage of them all, a major disappointment to fans hoping the title would again be elevated to elite status. Fortunately, the recent NXT call-ups, debuts, and number 1 contender tournament are elevating the tag team division to a level of unprecedented excitement.

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Let’s start with the call-ups. Enzo Amore and Big Cass have been due for a main roster debut for a while. Their debut interrupting The Dudley Boys on the Raw after WrestleMania was arguably the loudest pop of the night. Enzo’s clever wordplay and blatant insults leave his skills on the mic second to none. Big Cass’s power and aggression make for some truly explosive hot tags. Put the skills of this pair together and you have one of the most over teams on the roster.

The more surprising NXT call-up has to be that of The Vaudevillians. Simon Gotch and Aidan English are definitely a talented pair, and their run in NXT has certainly proven they have the chops to carry a tag title run. Debuting on Smackdown was interesting, but it did give them more of a spotlight to shine. Unlike fellow NXT alum Tyler Breeze, their gimmick seems to be translating well to the main stage. As long as WWE continues to take them seriously, The Vaudevillians are poised for a long and successful run.

Both teams have enjoyed quite the successful run already and as of today, will face each other at Payback in the finals of the tag team tournament to determine a number one contender. What’s made this tournament so engaging has been the unpredictability of it. While it would have been easy for WWE to simply book established teams The Usos or The Dudleys as the number one contenders, their commitment to new talent has exhibited their refreshing new policy of risk-taking. While Enzo and Cass seem to be the odds-on favorite heading into the match, it wouldn’t be completely shocking to see The Vaudevillians pull off the upset. No matter the result, both these teams have the talent and charisma to match The New Day, and WWE fans should be excited for the feuds to come.

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For months, WWE fans have awaited the debut of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. When the pair finally arrived, it was imply to beat up The Usos. With all the storyline possibilities for this duo, it seemed a bit of letdown that their first feud would have so little meaning. All these sentiments changed this past Monday night on Raw, where Gallows and Anderson were reunited with their former Bullet Club leader and number 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles.

The duo set then set their sights on champion Roman Reigns, attacking him after an exchange with him and Styles. Styles claimed he had nothing to do with the attack, and seemed to be upset with his “boys” after the run-in. WWE has set up a fairly intriguing storyline here, and where they go next will have lasting effects on the entire landscape of WWE. Is Styles lying and on his way to a heel turn at Payback? Or maybe Gallows and Anderson are working for themselves or someone else? Whichever direction WWE decides to take this story, you can bet that Gallows and Anderson will have some sort of effect on the main event at Payback. And when they finally make their in-ring debut as a tag team, the rest of the division better watch out.

On par with the excitement surrounding all the debuts, WWE’s sudden commitment to storylines division is what is really revitalizing the division. It seems that many teams have motives in their matches, rather than just fighting for the sake of it. Enzo and Cass have their mini-feud with The Dudley Boys that has been played out over the course of the grander storyline of the tag team tournament. Gallows and Anderson are certainly embroiled in a storyline that is going to have consequences on the highest level. Even R-Truth and Goldust are doing…something.

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Overall, this sudden influx of new talent along with a commitment to multiple, quality storylines are instilling an atmosphere of excitement that the WWE tag team division hasn’t experienced in years.