Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Career Isn’t Too Late to Salvage


There’s still time to save Dolph Ziggler.

The card for Payback would be very surprising to WWE fans who quit watching after years of watching their favorites constantly cracking their heads against the glass ceiling. There’s no John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Big Show, Kane or The Undertaker in sight.

Instead, it’s a revamped roster filled with so-called Internet darlings getting their chance to shine in the WWE’s main spotlight. From AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Enzo and Big Cass, Charlotte, The Vaudevillains and Cesaro, the Payback card certainly has a fresh look to it.

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It’s odd because, in a way, the IWC has won. The guys fans clamored for to get a big break and just the opportunities to headline WWE cards are now prominently featured. But there’s one guy who still needs that groundswell of fan support to give his career such badly needed motivation–Dolph Ziggler.

A two-time former heavyweight champion, as well as Intercontinental and U.S. champion, there’s no denying Ziggler, has the look, the moves and the ability to be a player in this new look lineup. It’s not like WWE is ignoring all of the previous generation stars. Look at The Miz who currently has the Intercontinental Championship and seems to be reinvigorated by working alongside his wife Maryse.

Ziggler is currently stuck in a going-nowhere feud with Baron Corbin where he’s clearly being fed to the young NXT call-up to be the first victim on the main roster to fall prey to The Lone Wolf. Ziggler has way too much to offer the company to be getting Zack Ryder-ed.

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The Internet keeps clamoring for John Cena to turn heel when in reality it’s Ziggler who would benefit so much more from turning his back on the fans and looking out for Number 1. The heel roster is underwhelming at best once you look past Kevin Owens, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. Ziggler could easily slide into the void of Seth Rollins as the cocky, athletic heel.

Total Divas viewers know Ziggler is naturally self-assured and quick-witted. Yet the WWE rarely takes advantage of that miscasting him in the role of a plucky babyface. He’s got an easy-to-dislike smarmy expression and that nagging degree of truth he could bring to his promos. He’s got a reality-based storyline of not wanting the Show-Off to get shown up by the likes of AJ Styles, Apollo Crews, and others.

To get him some truly nuclear heat, pair him with Eva Marie as the fans already loathe her. Let them bask in the fan hatred and blame it all on them being jealous of their movie star looks and bodies they spend hours perfecting – unlike the majority of the fanbase. Who wouldn’t hate that?

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The bottom line is the WWE shouldn’t be as willing as they appear in moving on from Ziggler. If The Miz warrants another chance to be a player in the modern WWE, Ziggler definitely deserves one more serious opportunity.