Why Damien Sandow Will Be Back in WWE


Why Damien Sandow will return to the WWE eventually.

With the roster bloodletting of May 6, several WWE stars were informed their services were no longer required. While some, like Wade Barrett and Santino Marella, weren’t especially surprising and others like El Torito and Cameron probably were a long time coming one name stood out to fans – Damien Sandow.

The writing had been on the wall as Sandow hadn’t been prominently positioned on TV since his feud with The Miz ended with him being suckered by the brief Miz/Summer Rae alliance. Many fans considered Sandow coming out the loser in that feud a result of Zack Ryder-like ability to get over out of turn. WWE officials could only wish Roman Reigns would get the kind of reaction Sandow did at least year’s Wrestlemania.

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But don’t start crying too soon for Sandow. He showed an innate ability to overcome afterthought booking to connect with fans in a very smooth and natural way. How many other guys could have gotten over imitating The Miz? And his short-lived Megapowers reunion tribute with Axel Hennig was admittedly more entertaining than it had any right to be.

Getting released might actually be for the best for Sandow’s future WWE career. Sandow is a criminally underrated, versatile talent that could easily become a major player in TNA Impact, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor or even New Japan. With his adaptability, Sandow could continue on as more of a humorous character, which would probably be a good fit in say Lucha Underground, or show a new, previously unrevealed side of his personality.

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The WWE has been known to get that don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone syndrome before in this recent era. No one seemed to lose any sleep when Christian departed for TNA as he was treated by WWE bookers as a third tier star. After delivering arguably his best solo career body of work in TNA against the likes of Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles, WWE was more than happy to bring him back to the fold and even gave him a couple of WWE title reigns. Another prime example is Jeff Hardy. During one of his hiatuses from the WWE, Hardy helped make TNA a destination spot for fans as one of its showcase talents. The WWE appeared to take notice and catapulted Jeff Hardy to Triple H world-beater WWE champ status when he returned. Likewise other stars like Kevin Nash, Booker T, Ric Flair, The Dudley Boyz and Rhyno have received hero’s welcome in returning.

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It’s not hard to imagine Sandow going the same route. Of the three main non-WWE promotions, ROH seems like a great fit since he’d have a fresh batch of high quality talent to compete against. ROH certainly seems to be one of the principal pipelines to the WWE and by showcasing his skills in a non-joke persona, Sandow would prove once again that he’s an asset worth acquiring for the WWE.

What do you think? Figure Sandow will eventually return or will he simply be a case of a guy with a ton of potential never getting a legitimate shot at being a star in the WWE?