WWE: Booking Feuds Still a Work in Progress


Rivalries in WWE need better progression.

WWE has undoubtedly been more entertaining since Shane-O-Mac’s return to power. A better than expected Payback solidified that Shane is definitely best for business. There’s still a few issues that need to be worked out though specifically in terms of logical match building and the natural progression of angles.

Payback’s main event of Roman Reigns and AJ Styles probably exceeded expectations. Sure, it was a bit overbooked with the multiple false finishes and Bullet Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)/Usos involvement, but it was a very fun match. Again, Reigns proves up to the challenge of holding his end in high profile WWE main events.

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In the end, one thing stood out – Styles didn’t deserve a rematch for the title. Shane and Stephanie McMahon quickly agreed that Styles’ effort warranted another crack at Reigns.

Yes, Styles put on one heck of an effort and narrowly defeated Reigns, but he got beat clean in the middle of the ring. There was no controversy, no interference, shady refereeing or anything of the sort. Styles lost plain and simple. And just like every other contender, he should naturally have to earn another opportunity, not be handed it on a silver platter just because that’s the easy way to continue this feud.

Styles’ loss wouldn’t necessarily have to be the end of the feud with Reigns. Instead, WWE could have used the Extreme Rules main event slot for a six-man match pitting Bullet Club against Reigns and The Usos instead of simply playing those out on Raw and SmackDown.

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This naturally builds on the Payback events, allows Reigns to continue seeing Styles as completely all-in with the shady tactics of his longtime friends and organically mixes up the PPV main event format. Reigns doesn’t need to defend the title at every PPV/WWE Network special and Styles pinning Reigns would justify him getting another crack at the belt while showing that Styles can beat Reigns.

Even better, have Bullet Club do something really devious that Styles doesn’t see to further the angle of whether Styles is in on Bullet Club’s shenanigans. An incensed Reigns would then want a piece of Styles to prove Styles can’t beat him one on one. From there, the rematch could once again be marred by interference with the now heated Bullet Club/Usos rivalry spilling over to the main event. That would force Shane and Stephanie to put Reigns and Styles in a steel cage to once and for all determine the best man without outside influences.

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WWE doesn’t have an offseason so stretching out feuds as long as possible is always a solid course of action. Additionally, it helps train the fans that feuds aren’t just a series of single matches with no change beside the location. The fans are into Styles and even if that comes at the expense of a few more boos in Reigns’ direction, the WWE Universe is finally invested in a world title angle. And being in an extended program with a talent like Styles certainly won’t hurt Reigns’ chances of becoming a better wrestler worthy of his positioning in the promotion.