WWE Needs to Make The Club vs. The Shield Happen


WWE can make modern day faction feud of Bullet Club vs. Shield a reality.

Regardless how the John Cena vs. AJ Styles match turns out at Money in the Bank, the WWE has a readymade feud to carry it through the summer. The (Bullet) Club vs. The Shield.

With WWE slowly grabbing the bulk of the talent throughout the world we’re starting to see some new era Dream Matches. Now WWE is getting rising stars like Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi before they fully establish their pre-WWE legacies making future dream matches less obvious.

NXT is big on providing fans big time dream matches like Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura or Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, but this could be WWE’s chance to pit the two biggest factions of this generation against each other. The n.W.o. vs Degeneration X didn’t happen until Wrestlemania 2015. While it was fun it was hard not to imagine how much better it would have been had the two factions squared off circa 1998. In this case, WWE could have these two major groups collide while all the members are in their prime.

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Ring of Honor dropped the ball on its Global Wars pay per view in having a Bullet Club run-in ruin its main event. That show closing segment went overboard and ridiculous with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks going superkick crazy. The plan wasn’t bad, but the execution was lacking. Mainly because the beat down went on for so long with no one in the ROH locker room seemingly interested in stopping Bullet Club from running amok.

WWE has an opportunity to do ROH better taking advantage of its already established relationships and storylines.  The fans desperately want to cheer Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose is spinning his wheels and in dire need of something to do. Realigning Reigns with his ‘brothers’ could finally allow him to get back in the good graces of the WWE Universe again.

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In the MITB main event, Reigns and Rollins can go back and forth when The Club shockingly attacks Rollins just as he’s on the verge of winning the WWE title. While Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows beat down Reigns, Styles stands over Rollins annoyed that he cut the line just as AJ had figured out how to beat the champ. Ambrose runs out, not to help the Shield turncoat, but to help his buddy Reigns. But naturally the 3 on 2 advantage wins out for The Club until Rollins — with pleading from the fans — attacks The Club and offers an outstretched fist to Reigns and Ambrose.

WWE then has its Summerslam main event all set. Played out the right fashion, WWE could let The Club/Shield feud play out through to Survivor Series.

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It’s a win-win for WWE as it finally establishes a trio of dominant heels not named McMahon or Helmsley. It provides the frequently teased Shield reunion. If WWE moved the WWE belt onto Styles, he could be a target for each of the Shield members and be a frequent cause for teased dissension.

WWE might not get another chance to do this feud right. Rather than missing this unique opportunity, WWE can build to this dream feud at Money in the Bank.