Brock Lesnar Needs to Be on WWE RAW, July 11


The WWE needs to push Brock Lesnar immediately, following his victory at UFC 200

Two nights after Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC on Saturday, the WWE should be touting The Beast’s underdog victory in the octagon as much as they can, starting Monday.

The WWE took a huge risk letting Lesnar, a monster they’ve spent years building up, go back to the UFC and risking an embarrassing loss at the hands of Mark Hunt. But instead, Lesnar surprised many with a decisive win at UFC 200 Saturday night. Now, the WWE needs to show off that their risk paid off. Lesnar’s credibility is now even larger than it had been before, showing that he still has it in reality, which boosts his status in kayfabe as well.

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The WWE’s aim to allow Lesnar to hop onto UFC 200 with short notice was in exchange for getting more advertising for Summerslam, where Lesnar will fight a returning Randy Orton later in August. The UFC ran a few promos for the WWE program and for WWE 2k17, which The Beast Incarnate will don the cover.

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Lesnar is hot right now. There’s no doubt that his fight Saturday night has the biggest buzz among WWE fans. The Shield triple threat match has fallen into the background with Reigns sitting out for 30 days and with the match supposedly still happening at a filler pay-per-view at Battleground later this month. The Women’s division has been quiet as their air time on WWE television has begun to drop back to the pre-Diva’s Revolution era, and the remainder of the card still seems like its feuds are being set up long-term for Summerslam, rather than any payoff coming at the next pay-per-view in any storylines.

While Lesnar’s immediate appearances won’t be promoting any fights happening in the next few weeks at the Battleground pay-per-view, him immediately coming back to WWE television to drop some bombs on Randy Orton would be capitalizing on what’s hot at the moment and would keep the hype surrounding Lesnar’s victory on Saturday going instead of fading out over the next few weeks.

If the WWE allows Lesnar’s buzz fade over the next few weeks in exchange for other promo spots for the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view, the company will then put themselves in a situation where they’ll have to rebuild the hype for The Beast a few weeks later, leading up to Summerslam. But all that is unnecessary if they just utilize the momentum Lesnar has at the moment and push The Beast to the moon, having him return “home” to the WWE having gone back to the UFC to restake his claim as being the best combat fighter in the world since he began wrestling at the University of Minnesota, transitioned to the WWE and then solidified his legitimacy by becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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If the WWE doesn’t have Lesnar, or at least his advocate Paul Heyman, on Monday’s episode of RAW and continues featuring clips or promos of The Beast over the next two months leading up to Summerslam, they will be making a grave mistake by not pushing one of the biggest draws in professional wrestling’s history.