WWE Draft 2016: Kevin Owens is the Can’t-Miss Pick


Here are the best & worst case scenarios for Kevin Owens heading into the WWE Draft.

In the short time that Kevin Owens has been in the WWE, he has proven that he can work at an elite level and maintain. His mid-card matches can steal the show and his main even appearances leave the WWE Universe wanting more.

The “it” factor that sets Owens apart from the rest of the roster is his very skillful work on the mic. His comedic timing and wisecracking antics have gotten over so well that the live WWE audience has no choice but to cheer the heel. Fortunately, he is also skilled in the crowd manipulation department and can flip the switch at any given moment. This potent combination of in-ring ability and mic-work has translated into a plethora of memorable WWE moments that can be dated all the way back to his debut at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution in 2014.

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Best Case Scenario

By the end of the WWE Draft Kevin Owens is representing the same brand as current WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. These two superstars are not strangers, they battled for the Intercontinental Championship back in 2015 and most recently Ambrose bested Owens to win Money in the Bank.  With more screen time available and a larger prize at stake the bar would undoubtedly be raised. The epic storytelling that would take place between the two would demand the spotlight all whilst supporting a roster that is in transition.

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The Other Best Case Scenario

He enters a high profiled program while remaining striking distance of either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Could you imagine Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens trading blows back and forth verbally, let alone physically?

The Other Other Best Care Scenario 

MORE OWENS & JERICHO! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Slap the Tag Team Championship belts on them and let the classic moments ensue.

The Worst Case Scenario

Owens continues to outperform his peers in one and done match of night quality contest. With his prowess on the mic on display and the WWE Universe supporting him, Owen wills himself into the main event picture.

This is the WWE’s “New Era” and its arrival coincides with the rise of one of the most talented prize fighters this generation has ever seen.  The proof is in the pudding when it comes to Kevin Owens and his dedication to succeed has been tested time and again, with only positive results. Place him wherever you want on the card and it will be a success, give him something small do to and somehow he will make it big. Best of all you never have to ask him to give it his all, simply because he has never settled for anything less.

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Kevin Owens is undoubtedly a “do it all” can’t miss WWE Draft pick and the wrestling world is better because of it.