Nia Jax’s Path to Destruction Could Lead to WWE Raw Women’s Title


Nia Jax has been on a path of destruction ever since she was drafted to WWE’s Raw brand on July 19.

This Sunday night at WWE Clash of Champions, Nia Jax faces Alicia Fox. For the past two months, Jax has been facing enhancement talent sometimes known as jobbers. Jax has beat them all in impressive fashion, usually in under two minutes or less. When she faces Fox at the Clash event, it might take longer than two minutes, but the result will be the same with Jax’s hand raised in the air as the winner.

Once Jax gets past Fox, what’s next? It should be a Women’s Title match.

There are a lot of predictions as to who will leave Clash of Champions as the next Raw Women’s Champion. Charlotte could retain the title and it would make a lot of sense. Bayley could continue her fast start on Raw by winning the title the first time she has a shot at it. Then there’s Sasha Banks, who is my pick because she would likely be the champion right now if not for a back injury that led to WWE putting the title back onto Charlotte.

Do you think it’s an accident that Jax has had nothing to do with Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley in the last two months? Absolutely not. It’s all part of the plan.

There is going to be some week on Raw where one of the babyface women like Banks or Bayley is in the ring doing a promo when suddenly, Nia Jax shows up. The visual of the 6’0” and 270 pound Jax staring down Banks would immediately tell a great story because it makes Banks look like an underdog right away.

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If you watched NXT over the last year, you know that Jax has already wrestled Bayley a few times. The matches were good as they told a believable story and I have no doubt that they can improve on those matches on the main roster. Jax’s matches with Asuka in NXT were also very good too.

In Jax’s theme song, the first part of it is something everybody remembers. It begins with a simple statement: “I’m not like most girls.” Now, that’s something that a lot of women may say throughout their lives, but in this case it really is true because most girls aren’t as big or as athletic as Jax is.

A big problem with today’s wrestling business is that WWE wants their superstars to be active on Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media. That’s not to say that everybody in WWE is on there, but most of them are.

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In her case, being active on social media hurts her character because Jax would be more devastating if she wasn’t tweeting pictures of her hugging the other women on WWE’s roster. The character would be better if she were dark, moody, angry and mean all the time. That means no tweets thanking fans for buying their “I’m not like most girls” shirts. If she had a manager that did the talking for her while Jax only concerned herself with dishing out the punishment it would be even better. Obviously, WWE isn’t going to go that route, but it would have helped Jax from the moment she entered the WWE ring.

The only other women’s wrestler we can compare Jax to is Kharma, who failed in WWE and had a good run in TNA Wrestling as Awesome Kong. Kong, in her prime, was better in the ring than Jax, but I have a lot of faith in Jax improving. Look at how much better she’s gotten in the last year. Being in the ring with the likes of Banks, Bayley, Charlotte, Fox, Paige, Emma and others is only going to help her.

When people talk about WWE’s stars of the future, Jax isn’t a name that immediately comes to mind. However, she’s in a position to dominate the women’s division as much as the others because they can’t bring the same things to the table that Jax can. Big vs. small is the easiest story to tell in professional wrestling. Thanks to Jax, the women on Raw will have plenty of opportunities to see how they measure up to WWE’s most dominant female.

There will come a day, probably in 2017, where Jax becomes the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Some people may say that she only won it because she’s big. So what? That’s part of wrestling. She’s put in the work to be on WWE’s main roster and if she is booked to win the title, she deserved it.

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After all, just like the song says, Jax isn’t like most girls and that’s exactly how she likes it.