Roman Reigns Isn’t Getting Proper Respect from WWE Fans


Whether its support from his fellow colleagues, Roman Reigns doesn’t appear to be getting the respect he deserves. When we watch him wrestle he doesn’t actually ‘suck’.

He was supposed to be the man. He was supposed to be the champion. However, for everything Roman Reigns was supposed to be, there was one thing he wasn’t supposed to be, and that was booed by a sizeable number of fans in attendance. As a member of The Shield, fans took notice of this physically imposing, dominant brawler who was unlike, others on the card. He spoke softly, but with intent. It was unmistakeable that he would make a mark alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. He appeared poised to be the big guy that was bound to succeed. The problem is that after the Shield split up, Reigns was seen as too much of a focal point. A number of fans thought he was being ‘forced down our throats’.

The point being made here is there was something of value in Reigns when he was part of the Shield. He was imposing and was able to tell a story as part of a team. He and Rollins had chemistry together as a tag team. He was invincible, and that was fine. It didn’t matter whether or not he had a deep move set or was able to captivate an audience on the mic, he was believable in the role that he was in.

His ride has been filled with turmoil both on and off screen. He has faced injury that halted his initial push, and when he did return the mystique around the Reigns character appeared to be missing. Whether that was because he didn’t connect any longer with the fans, or because there was too much of an emphasis on what he was trying to come back from, Reigns had quickly fallen out of the graces of a number of fans. There really is no fair explanation for why Reigns is booed. His size, stature, presence and growth as an in-ring performer is there, but regardless of what is done fans still seem to focus on his miscues, mistakes and changed direction on his pushes.

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The only time fans even remotely appeared to have gotten behind him was when he captured the title from Sheamus just prior to 2016. Was it because fans were behind Reigns once again, or was he the lesser of two evils between himself and Sheamus? The company was determined to get Reigns over, but as Triple H has said in the past there are things he sees that make him question how exactly a certain act, character or persona is able to get over. It is clear that the cracks in Reigns’ shield was there was no longer anyone with him to help carry out a convincing promo or storyline.

Despite all the accolades he receives as an in-ring performer from his colleagues, such as Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and John Cena, he still doesn’t appear to generate the type of respect that is warranted. Whatever Reigns is selling, the fans don’t appear to be buying. When he shows a sense of confidence, fans jeer. When he attempts to show any personality, they jeer. When he makes a comeback after being beaten down, time and time again, they jeer. What went so wrong with him that fans honestly don’t want him to succeed?

One belief is that he is a victim of circumstance. Fans of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles or Dean Ambrose would prefer to see their favourites in Reigns’ place, rather than the second generation wrestler. Not even the inclusion of The Rock by his side after winning the Royal Rumble earned him the fans’ backing; WWE tried too hard to jazz up this oatmeal and mixed it with Fruity Pebbles.

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It won’t take duct tape to seal the cracks in Reigns’ shield, it will take reinvesting in his character and turning him heel. After all, if he is going to get jeered, give fans a reason to do so. Despite winning the United States championship, there is still a constant haze surrounding Reigns.