Should Kurt Angle Return to the WWE?


WWE wished Kurt Angle a Happy Birthday earlier this week on Instagram. Could this be the start to his highly anticipated return?

Should Kurt Angle return to the WWE as his final stop and end his amazing career in the wrestling business at the top promotion? Angle has undoubtedly earned a spot as one of the best technical wrestlers of all time. He has had great rivalries and matches spanning nearly two decades. Should he return to the WWE and help inject the brand with some much needed compelling content, though?

First off, the 48-year-old knows the business inside and out and knows what to expect from a scheduling/booking standpoint which is a huge plus. He also knows what he is capable of and doesn’t necessarily have anything to prove, making him ideal to work with. Ego shouldn’t be a problem here either. The guy did win an Olympic gold medal with a “broken freakin’ neck,” after all. You can’t get tougher than that.

Depending on the possible contract they agree on, I don’t necessarily see him wanting to or being an everyday guy. I see him doing more of a limited major show schedule, somewhat similar to Brock Lesnar’s booking.

As far as actual storylines go, Angle is so good that you could literally put him with anyone and they would shine. A few angles that could be amazing, are first and foremast, an immediate confrontation with Brock Lesnar. These two have plenty of history together in the ring and have put on great technical matches. I would play to their amateur wrestling background. With the intensity that they both bring to the ring, this feud would ignite immediately and bring a much needed realistic element back to business.

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Another compelling storyline and a way to have Angle get more exposure without all the bumps, would be to have him start a faction with American Alpha. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable could do the everyday work while Angle leads them and limit his actual wrestling time. They would make for an intriguing trio every week on SmackDown Live.

Angle returning to the WWE would help tremendously. With the low ratings the WWE is currently experiencing, their viewership could only go up with such a great talent as Angle returning to the main roster.  If the writing team could only get out of their own way and allow the former TNA star mic time and creative liberties.  He would put a lighting bolt right through the center of the WWE Universe.

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One thing that we do know is that anything is possible in this business. Only time will tell if we as fans, get the honor and privilege of seeing Kurt Angle lace his boots up in a WWE ring again.