Is WWE Angling Towards a Braun Strowman-Undertaker Feud?


Braun Strowman has been built up as  monster heel on Raw and could that lead to a SummerSlam feud with The Undertaker?

A few months before WrestleMania 32, there were rumors that WWE, specifically Vince McMahon, was planning to to have Braun Strowman be the one to face The Undertaker.

The reaction to those rumors were poorly received. At the time, Strowman was fresh on the scene and a match with The Undertaker did not make too much sense. That led to WWE flipping the script by having The Undertaker face Shane McMahon and Strowman continue his development while a part of The Wyatt Family.

Since that time, however, WWE has put plenty of stock into Strowman. Since breaking apart from The Wyatt family due to the WWE Draft last summer, Strowman has become a monster heel on Raw.  Between his feuds with Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns, Strowman has ascended to main-event status on WWE programming.

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Strowman’s ascension is the sign that there are big plans for him going forward. Could those plans involve The Undertaker?

Over the course of the past three weeks, there have been subtle teases that Strowman could cross paths with The Undertaker in the near future. The first was three weeks ago when The Undertaker and Strowman had a stare-down on Raw. 

The second hint was this past week on Raw when The Undertaker delivered a chokeslam to Strowman.

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There is definitely something brewing between The Undertaker and Strowman. If Vince McMahon has proven to be anything, it is that he is stubborn and will always stick to his ideas. The timing was off for Strowman and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 but this summer could be the right time for such a program.

Of course, that would mean that The Undertaker would need to be around for such a match. The Undertaker is in better shape than he has been in recent years and that could lead to him having a match at SummerSlam. That match should be with Strowman considering the interactions the two have had over the course of the past month. Perhaps, Strowman interferes in The Undertaker’s match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. But, rest assured, Strowman and The Undertaker have not crossed paths for the last time.

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There is a reason why Strowman has been built into a monster heel on Raw and that reason could very well be for a match with The Undertaker at SummerSlam.